Case Report

『傷寒論』 辨病診斷體系에 근거하여 桂支二越婢一湯을 투여 후 호전된 어지럼증 1례

A Case Report of Dizziness treated by Guizhieryuebiyi-tang based on Shanghanlun provisions

2017 Vol. 9 No. 1
경기도 이천시 대월면 대월보건지소1*
Joo Heo1*
1-10, Sadong-ro, Daewol-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea1*


Objective : The purpose of this paper is to report the improvement of patient with dizziness treated by herb medication based on Shanghanlun disease pattern identification diagnostic system.

Methods : According to ‘Disease Pattern Identification Diagnostic System based on Shanghanlun Provisions’, the patient diagnosed with Taeyang-byung, number 27 provision, and took Guizhieryuebiyi-tang herb medication 30 days. The changing symptom of dizziness was estimated by VAS(Visual Analogue Scale).

Results : The VAS changed 10 to 0.

Conclusions : On the number 27 provision of Shanghanlun ,‘弱’ means lower body helplessness. This is the first case report treating the dizziness with Guizhieryuebiyi-tang in Korea.

KeyWords : Guizhieryuebiyi-tang, dizziness, Shanghanlun provision, Herbal medicine