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『傷寒論』 厥隂病에 대한 고찰: 辨病診斷體系에 입각해 치료한 증례 2례에 근거하여

A Conceptual study on Shanghanlun Jueyinbing :Based on 2 cases treated by Shanghanlun provisions

2017 Vol. 9 No. 1
전남 함평군 월야면 월야보건지소1
전남 영광군 영광읍 영광군 보건소2
서울 강남구 압구정 정인한의원3*
Seong-Hwan Cho1․Hyo-Joong Yun2․Sung-Jun Lee3*
Worya-myeon Health care center1
Yeonggwang-gun Health care center2
Jung-In Korean medical clinic3*


Objective : This study is to propose a new hypothesis about the interpretation of Jueyinbing in Shanghanlun by studying 2 Jueyinbing cases.

Methods : We analyzed the original form of the chinese characters ‘Jue(厥)’, ‘Jueyin(厥隂)’ and ‘Huoluan(霍亂)’ and tried to understand their contexts in Shanghanlun. At the same time, we analyzed 2 clinical cases diagnosed and treated as Jueyinbing according to newly hypothesized definition.

Results : Both patients suffered from eye diseases which caused by concentrating on a sophisticated work by straining their hands, feet and chest during the night time. After the herbal intervention, their eye diseases are improved firstly. The National Eye Institute 25-item Visual Function Questionnaire (NEI-VFQ) score increased on both patients. Not only all the patients' chief complaints relieved but their other clinical problems such as limb pain, hand tremble also improved.

Conclusions : These results highly insist that, at least in 15 characters provision of Shanghanlun, Jueyinbing had had the different usage from the conventional terminology, and it is assumed that Jueyinbing means the disease made by concentrating on a sophisticated work by straining hands, feet and chest during night time.

KeyWords : Jueyinbing, Shanghanlun, Disease pattern identification diagnostic system, Danggwihoeyeok-tang, Danggwihoeyeokgaosuyusaenggang-tang,



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