Case Report

桂枝加大黃湯으로 호전된 뇌졸중 후 중추성 통증 1례 고찰

A Case Report: The Effect of Kyejigadahuang-tang on Central Poststroke Pain

2020 Vol. 12 No. 1

1.경기도 고양시 덕양구 화신로 260번길 64 4층 힘찬걸음한의원#
Jae-kyung Park#

1.Himchan Korean medical clinic, 64, Hwasin-ro

260beon-gil, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea#


Objective: In this case report, we aimed to determine the effect of Kyejigadahuang-tang on central post-stroke pain (CPSP).

Methods: A 42-year-old woman presented with whole-body neuralgia due to CPSP. According to the diagnostic system based on Shanghanlun provisions (DPIDS), the patient was treated with Kyejigadahuang-tang. The results were evaluated using the Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) and Korean Neuropathic Pain Questionnaire (KNPQ).

Results: After administration of Kyejigadahuang-tang for 30 days, the NRS score decreased from 8.5 to 3 and the KNPQ score decreased from 151 to 51.

Conclusions: The patient completely recovered from CPSP following treatment with Kyejigadahuang-tang according to DPIDS.

Key words: Kyejigadahuang-tang, Diagnostic system based on Shanghanlun provisions (DPIDS), Central post-stroke pain, neuralgia.