Case Report

『傷寒論』 辨病診斷體系에 근거하여 回逆湯 투여 후 호전된 화폐상 습진 증례 1례

Nummular Eczema Treated by Hoeyeok-tang Based on the Shanghanlun Disease Pattern Identification Diagnostic System

2021 Vol. 13 No. 1

서울 마포구 도화동 청아한의원
Eunkyo Lim*

Cheong-Ah TKM Clinic, Dohwa-dong, Mapo-Gu, South Korea


Objective: This study aimed to report the improvement of a patient with nummular eczema treated with Hoeyeok-tang based on Shanghanlun provisions.

Methods: According to the disease pattern identification diagnostic system (DPIDS) based on the Shanghanlun provisions, the patient was diagnosed with lesser yin disease according to the 324th provision. The patient was treated with Hoeyeok-tang for 90 days. The severity of pruritus decreased, and changes in symptoms were estimated by a visual analog scale, Scoring Atopic Dermatitis Index and the Validated Investigator Global Assessment for Atopic Dermatitis.

Results: The patient’s symptoms were improved. The severity of pruritus decreased and they recovered from abrasions.

Conclusions: This study suggests that the 324th provision of Shanghanlun refer directly to nummular eczema.


Key words: Hoeyeok-tang, Sayeok-tang, Sinitang, nummular eczema, Shanghanlun