Case Report

桂枝加厚朴杏子湯으로 호전된 만성기침 1례 증례보고

Case Report : Chronic Cough Treated by Gyejigahubakhaengja-tang

2023 Vol. 15 No. 1

전라북도 전주시 덕진구 사근 1길 10, 2층 해빛 한방병원*
Jae-won Jeong*

Habit Korean Medical Hospital, 2F, 10, Sageun 1-gil, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si,

Jeonlabuk-do, Republic of Korea*


Objective: To report a chronic cough that has improved after administering the Gyejigahubakhaengja-tang using Shanghanlun DPIDS(disease pattern identification

diagnostic system).

Methods: Chronic cough patient who occurred after COVID-19 was presumed to be diagnosed with cough variant asthma. After that, it was diagnosed as Taeyang-byung, number 43 provision according to Shanghanlun DPIDS, and the result of taking the Gyejigahubakhaengja-tang for 30 days was evaluated as VAS (visual analogue scale) and LCQ (leicester cough questionnaire).

Results: After taking Gyejigahubakhaengja-tang for 30 days, chronic cough decreased from VAS 10 to VAS 1. The LCQ increased from 24 to 122.

Conclusions: For chronic cough patients, 喘 at Shanghanlun DPIDS can be considered as the cause.

Key words: Gyejigahubakhaengja-tang, chronic cough, Shanghanlun disease pattern

identification diagnostic system (DPIDS), cough variant asthma.