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古方 一兩과 一升의 現代的 用量 考察 -吉益東洞 醫方分量考를 基準으로 정한 古方 一兩과 一升의 現代的 換算用量-

Considerations on the present dosage of ‘liang’ and ‘sheng’-the proper measurement of ‘liang’ and ‘sheng’ of Ihobunryoko-

2009 Vol. 1 No. 1
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경기 안양시 동안구 관양동 1422-11 유정빌딩 1층 할아버지한의원
Euy-Joon Rho
Halabeoji Oriental Medical Clinic, Yujeong B/D, 1411-11th St., Gwanyang-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang, Korea


Objective : The purpose of this study is to investigate proper measurement of ‘liang’ and ‘sheng’ of Ihobunryoko(Note on Measurement of Prescriptions) by Todo Yoshimasu.

Method : To achieve the purpose of this study, measurement of one liang by Zikejushuzhi system were surveyed. The survey was focused on the ancient measurement system. This study also calculates the one ‘sheng’ by the way of reducing mass of Ihobunryoko, considering to the differences of the time.

Results : The results indicated that

1. The proper measurement of the one 'liang' of Ihobunryoko(Note on Measerement of prescriptions) by Todo Yoshimasu. Actual survey of one liang by Zikejushuzhi system is 10.79g.

2. 10.79g, however, is rather an excess of quantity regarding normal quantity of ancient prescription. Applying ‘the balance of Shennong’(the ancient chinese conversion factor), reduced mass would be 1.079g. This study, hence, fixes one liang to 1g for empirical convenience according to Todo Yoshimasu and his school.

3. One ‘sheng’ by the way of reducing mass of Ihobunryoko. Considering the differences of the time, climate, soil, it is allowable that one ‘sheng’ could be 20 ml. This outcome also fits in terms of ‘the balance of Shennong’ of 3rd century, the time when Shanghanlun was written. Therefore, this study settle one sheng as 20ml for empirical convenience, from the average value 21.35ml.

Conclusions : Understanding the difference of mass and volume between ancient and modern, this study inquires the proper dosage. The proper dosage is ‘1 liang(兩)= 2g', ‘1 sheng(升) of water = 40ml’ clinically.


KeyWords : Zikejushuzhi system, Ihobunryoko, ‘liang’, ‘sheng’



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