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『藥徵』내 半夏의 旁治 ‘咳悸’에 대한 문헌적 고찰

Bibliographic study about "Haegye[咳悸]" which is secondary effect ofPinellia ternata in『Yakjing(藥徵)』

2009 Vol. 1 No. 1
경희대학교 한의과대학 복치의학회
Dae-dam Kim
College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung-Hee University.


Objective : The purpose of this study is to get clear definition of "Haegye[咳悸]" which is secondary effect of Pinellia ternata in 『Yakjing(藥徵)』.

Method : To achieve the purpose of this study, bibliographies about original text of 『Yakjing(藥徵)』 and other books written by Yoshimasu Todo and his followers like Murai Kinjan were examined.

Results : The results indicated that

1. In original text, "Haegye[咳悸]" is written "Hae[咳]" and "Gye[悸]"

2. "Hae[咳]" and "Hyun[眩]" is in early work of 『Yakjing(藥徵)』instead of "Haegye[咳悸]".

3. There is no mention of "Haegye[咳悸]" in Yoshimasu Todo and his follower's other works.

Conclustions : "Hae[咳]" and "Gye[悸]" is right instead of "Haegye[咳悸]". Existing theory about "Haegye[咳悸]" must be fixed. Cough related with Pinellia ternata is just "Hae[咳]", not "Haegye[咳悸]". Clinical use of its "Gye[悸]" needs further study.

KeyWords : Yoshimasu Todo(吉益東洞), Yakjing(藥徵), Haegye(咳悸