Case Report

알레르기 鼻炎을 동반한 原發性 不姙症 患者 1例에 대한 임상적 고찰

A Case Study on the Primary Infertility with Allergic Rhinitis

2010 Vol. 2 No. 1
임 재 은*
경북 영주시 휴천동 516-1 하경한의원
Jae-Eun Lim*
Ha-kyung Oriental Medical Clinic, 516-1st St, Hyu- Cheon Dong, Young-Ju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea


Objectives:The purpose of this study is to present a case of 'Daecheongryong-tang with Soseunggi-hwan' and to analyse the effect of 'Daecheongryong-tang with Soseunggi-hwan' regard to the primary infertility with allergic rhinitis.

Methods : To achieve the purpose of this study, it present the case and considerate the results.

Results : The results indicated that

1. If we remove a 'Dok(毒)' in the patient, the patient has a capacity of pregnancy.

2. 'Daecheonglyong-tang with Soseunggi-hwan' has a good effect on the primary infertility with allergic rhinitis. But it needs further study.

KeyWords : Daecheongryong-tang, Soseunggi-hwan, primary infertility, allergic rhinitis



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