Case Report

古法醫學으로 治療한 공황장애 환자 30례의 임상보고

30 Case Reports on Panic Disorder, treated with Herbal Medicine

2010 Vol. 2 No. 1
노영범 부천한의원
Young-Beum Roh#․Su-jung Kim*


Objective : The purpose of this study is to find out the effectiveness of herbal medicine in panic disorder.

Method : To achieve the purpose of this study, different herbal medicine was given for more than 3 months to different symptoms of patients. The main herbal medicines were Bong-Nyeong, Hwang-Ryun, Yong-Gol, Mo-Ryeo, Chok-Chil

Results :

1. It shows that about 80% of those patients were improved by herbal medicine.

2. About 48% of those improved 80%, showed evident changes.

3. 20% showed no changed in there symptoms.

Conclusions : Herbal- medicine treat is very effective in reducing distress on panic disorder.

KeyWords : Panic disorder, Bong-Nyeong, Hwang-Ryun, Yong-Gol, Mo-Ryeo, Chok-Chil