Case Report

大黃牡丹湯으로 치료한 만성 바르톨린管 膿瘍(陰腫) 患者 治驗 1例

A Case Study on the Bartholin's Duct Abscess treated by DahuangMudan-Tang

2012 Vol. 4 No. 1
안 세 빈*
충북 청주시 흥덕구 운천동 594-1 다정한의원
Se-Bin An*
Da-Jeoung Oriental Medical Clinic, 594-1, Uncheon-dong, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungbuk, Korea


Objectives : This research is to prove the effectiveness of DahuangMudan-Tang(大黃牡丹湯) in curing the Bartholin's duct abscess

Methods : to achieve the goal of this research, the patient was diagnosed as ‘abscess(腫膿)’ treatabling by Dahuang(大黃) in GoBeob-medicine(古法醫學). I gave Dahuang Mudan-Tang(大黃牡丹湯) to the selected patient and observed the progress

Results : the results indicate the followings

  1. After the treatment with DahuangMudan-Tang(大黃牡丹湯), the symptoms of the Bartholin's duct abscess was significantly improved.

  2. The external medicine with DahuangMudan-Tang(大黃牡丹湯) was more effective to cure the Bartholin's duct abscess.

KeyWords : DahuangMudan-Tang(大黃牡丹湯), Bartholin