Case Report

苓桂甘棗湯 투여로 치료된 공황장애 환자 사례 분석 및 처방의 작용 기전 고찰

Case Reports and Studies on the Functional Process of Panic Disorder, treated with Ling-Gui-Gan-Zao-Tang(苓桂甘棗湯)

2012 Vol. 4 No. 1
노영범# ․윤수민* ․조은석
노영범 부천한의원
Young-Beum, Roh# ․Su-min, Yun*․ Eun-suk, Joh


Objective : The purpose of this study is to find out the effectiveness of  Ling-Gui-Gan-Zao-Tang(苓桂甘棗湯) for patients of panic disorder.

Method : To achieve the purpose of this study, Ling-Gui-Gan-Zao-Tang was prescribed for three months to two different patients of panic disorder. They were diagnosed as panic disorder in department of neuropsychiatry, and had no other prescribed decoction or psychotherapy.

Results :

  1. The BAI score for anxiety were decreased in both patients, and they got improved overall symptoms.

  2. In panic attack, patients are in dominant state of sympathetic nerve, so they have palpitaion and get nervous. Fu-Ling(茯笭) can treate this kind of situation.

  3. Based on <yakucho(藥徵)>and <shanghanlun(傷寒論)>, urgent situation, over-tension of muscles, hot flash can be treated Gancao(甘草), Dazao(大棗), Guizhi(桂枝) respectively.</shanghanlun(傷寒論)></yakucho(藥徵)>

Conclusions : When panic disorder attaks, the sympathetic nerves are dominant in patient's body. So they feel palpitating, sweating, suffocating. Ling-Gui-Gan-Zao-Tang can treat this series of symptoms.

KeyWords : Panic disorder, Anxiety disorder, Ling-Gui-Gan-Zao-Tang, Poria cocos, Shang-han-lun



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