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動의 의미에 대한 고찰 - 사전적 의미, 문헌적 의미, 임상사례를 중심으로-

On Definition of Dong(動) based on Literal Meaning, Literature written by Todo Yoshimasu and Case Reports

2012 Vol. 4 No. 1
정 선 영*
동국대학교 한의과대학 한의학과 4학년
Seon-yeong Jeong*
College of Oriental Medicine, Dongguk University


Objective : The purpose of study is to define the term Dong(動) in diagnosis view.

Method : To define term Dong(動), I refer to Korean, Chinese, Japanese dictionary and Todo Yoshimasu (吉益東洞)’s writing, Yakucho(藥徵) Houkyoku(方極). Next, I search for the diagnosis definition of Dong(動) in 11 case reports.

Results : The diagnosis definitions of Dong(動) are two meanings. One is objective symptoms which are doctor can examine, trembling, movement, etc. The other is subjective symptoms which are patient’s feeling, emotional problems, etc. It seperates 6 meanings concretely.


(1) visible moving of a focus, (2) movement of a focus, (3) appearance of abnormal secretion, (4) abnormal change of focus, (5) feel like moving, (6) change of emotion beyond patient’s control. 1~4 are objective symptoms which are doctor can examine, and 5~6 are subjective symptoms which are patient’s feeling.

KeyWords : Dong(動), Yakucho(藥徵), Houkyoku(方極), literal meaning, diagnosis definition



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