Case Report

柴胡加龍骨牡蠣湯을 이용한 발달장애 환자의 ADHD증상 관리 1례

A case study on a patient of developmental disabilities with ADHD

2013 Vol. 5 No. 1
서울 구로구 구로동 603-9번지 스타팰리스 404호 박종찬한의원¹²
서울 광진구 자양동 653-47 필산빌딩2층 자양경희한의원³
서울시 강동구 둔촌동 75-6번지 2층 소유당한의원⁴
서울시 강서구 등촌3동 696번지 세신그린코아 209호 명인한의원⁵
Myung-Ju Jung¹ㆍJong-Chan Park²ㆍEun-Kyung Lee³ㆍDuk-Mo Yang⁴ㆍDong-In Yu⁵
Park-jongchan Korean Medical Clinic, 603-9, Gurodong, Gurogu, Seoul, Korea¹²
Jayang Kyunghee Korean Medical Clinic, Pilsan tower, 653-47, Jayangdong, Gwangjingu, Seoul, Korea³
Soyudang Korean Medical Clinic, 75-6, Dunchondong, Gangdonggu, Seoul, Korea⁴
Myoungin Korean Medical Clinic, 209ho,Seshin greencore,Dungchon3dong,Gangsoegu,Seoul,Korea⁵


Objective : The purpose of this report is to submit a case study on a patient of developmental

disabilities with ADHD by taking"Sihogayonggolmoryeo-tang“.

Methods : We gave herbal medicine to a patient and observe the progress as the way of

Cornners Abbreviated Rating Scale(CARS), ADHD Rating Scale (K-ARS), The

ADD-H Comprehensive Teacher's Rating Scale(ACTeRS), Child Attention

Problem(CAP), IOWA Conners Rating Scale, Conners Teacher Rating

Scale(CTRS), Conners Parents Rating Scale (CPRS), Home Situation

Questionnaire(HSQ), School Situation Questionnaire(SSQ).

Results : The total score of CARS, ACTeRS and other scales were decreased by taking

herbal medicine, and especially hyperactive scores were significantly decreased.

Conclusions : Patient's symptom was significantly improved by using “diagnostic system

based on Shanghanlun six meridian patterns and provisions” and analyzing

patient's psychological and physical conditions.

KeyWords : ADHD, Sihogayonggolmoryeo-tang, CARS, ACTeRS



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