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麻黃의 적정 용량에 대한 考察

A study on proper dosage of Ma-huang(麻黃)

2013 Vol. 5 No. 1
경기 부천시 원미구 상2동 565-6번지 부천한의원*
전남 영광군 영광읍 신남로 181-1번지 경희한의원#
Hee-chang, Ryu*․Jeong-gyu Shin#
Roh Young-Beum Bucheon Oriental Medical Clinic, 565-6th St. Sang 2-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea*
Kyung-Hee Oriental Medical Clinic, 10-4, Sinha-ri, Yeonggwang-eup, Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea#


Objective : The purpose of this study is to find out the proper dosage of Ma-huang for clinical use of Shanghanlun(傷寒論)

Methods : To achive the purpose of this study, web-databases(pubmed, naver, google) were searched with the keywords including 'dose of Ma-huang·Ephedra·Ephedrine','dosage of Ma-huang·Ephedra·Ephedrine', and 'water extract of Ma-huang·Ephedra'. The searched 30 papers and articles were reviewed.

Results & Conclusions :

1. Proper dosage of Ma-huang

1) Adult: up to 9-12g/day

2) Adolescent: up to 6g/day

3) Hypertension disorder patient: up to 6g/day

4) lactating women: up to 6g/day

5) child: ˂2 years 0.7-2.5g/day, ≧2 years 2.6-6g/day (Different from body weight) Although administration of Ma-huang to hypertension disorder patient, lactating women, child is safe on the paper, It is not recommended to these people because Ma-huang is one of toxic herbs.

2. Dosage form of Ma-huang

There's no safety paper about pill or powdered Ma-huang(麻黃). There's not pill or powdered prescription of Ma-hunag in Shanghanlun(傷寒論), either. So it is recommended to administrate water exetract of Ma-huang.

KeyWords : Dosage of Ma-huang·ephedra·ephedrine, Shanghanlun(傷寒論), Dosage form of Ma-huang, Cautions of Ma-huang·ephedra·ephedrine, Effects of Ma-huang·ephedra·ephedrine.