Case Report

『傷寒論』 辨病診斷體系에 근거하여 葛根黃蓮黃芩湯 투여 후 호전된 방광염 1례

A Case Report of Cystitis treated with Galgunhwangryunhwanggum-tang based on Shanghanlun Provisions

2019 Vol. 11 No. 1
대구광역시 수성구 경희참한의원#
Daedam Kim#
KyungheeCham Korean medicine clinic#


Objective : The purpose of this study was to report the improvement in a patient with cystitis by a herbal medication based on Shanghanlun disease pattern identification diagnostic system (DPIDS).

Methods : A patient was diagnosed with cystitis according to DPIDS. The patient was

treated with Galgunhwangryunhwanggum-tang.

Results : The symptoms of cystitis disappeared after treatment and did not recur after 4 months.

Conclusions : The herbal medication Galgunhwangryunhwanggum-tang is effective in this case of cystitis.

KeyWords : Galkunhwanglyeonhwanggum-tang, Gegenhuanglianhuangqin-tang, Cystitis, Shanghanlun, Disease Pattern Identification Diagnostic System based on Shanghanlun Provisions